Liberian Awards could not exist without the generous support of our volunteers. We could never repay, or fully thank them, for all they do to ensure our work is meaningfully received by our honorees, scholarship recipients, and our expansive community.

Before each Awards Ceremony, we rely on volunteers to assist with event planning, fundraising, social media, marketing, website, invitation and program design, and the selection of honorees and scholarship recipients. During the Awards Ceremony, we rely on volunteers to help with event management, hospitality, entertainment, and fundraising. After the ceremony ends, the behind-the-scenes work begins as we focus on mentoring our scholarship recipients. Then we rely on professional volunteers of all persuasion to present, speak, host or engage our scholarship recipients through conference calls, lunch and learns, and workshops.

As the say goes, “Many hands make light work.” We need your hands and hope you will consider joining our list of volunteers. For more information on volunteering, email us with your area of interest at Contact@LiberianAwards.com.  


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  • Saycon Sengbloh
  • Asa Lee
  • Chenda Lee
  • Mike Mensah
  • Nia Mensah
  • Myriam Koudaya
  • Genevieve Divine
  • Casselia Tenny
  • Emma Sims
  • Melissa Horace
  • Ruth Sims
  • Naweh Diggs
  • Jennifer Wilkins
  • Kinnie Brown
  • Robin Richardson
  • Regina Jean-Baptiste
  • Rachael Picard
  • Jasmine Yangbe
  • Victoria Maldonado
  • Rachelle Sims
  • Kebeh Sando
  • Deenia Sackie
  • Ailsa Yangbe
  • Erik “DJ EAZY” Anderson
  • Ella Pailey
  • Lisa Murray
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  • Erika Anderson
  • LaMartha Martin
  • Samaria Divine
  • Maya Dukes
  • Ralph Citino
  • D. Elwood Dunn
  • Patricia Jabbeh Wesley
  • Anthony Barclay
  • Winston Smith
  • DeRon Dramah
  • Wesley McCant
  • Aloysious Jappah
  • Hectorlyne Wuor
  • Pearl Tenny
  • Savannah Dennis
  • Musu Yeanafehn
  • Alex Cummings
  • Queade Dweh
  • Dinisa Hardley Folmar
  • Priscilla Gaye
  • Marvin Gaye
  • Borsu Jallah
  • Annabel Gaye
  • Ruth Divine
  • Nania Dennis
  • Almond Dennis
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  • Irving Bell
  • John Fahnbutu
  • Kharnvee Sherman
  • Willie Borkai
  • Mai Richards
  • Cletus Fotibu
  • Faith Walker
  • Sophia Dominguez
  • Melvin Johnson
  • Iyabode Beysolow
  • James Hunder
  • Cynthia Oboh
  • George Toby
  • Erlene Olson
  • Myriam
  • Eric Farmer
  • Bill Sims
  • Anna Clarke
  • Puja Khare
  • Morgan Earnst
  • Kaitlin Sunderland
  • Isabel Iem
  • Abigail Iem
  • Sarah Picard
  • Marta Rifin
  • Grace Silla
  • Titilope Ogunsola