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At Liberian Awards, Inc. we plead the cause of those in need by providing financial scholarships and extending mentorships to aliens and children of aliens attending US colleges. Our past scholarships have ranged from $500 to $2000 each academic year. Don’t leave money on the table. Apply now and you could be a Liberian Awards scholarship recipients.



Mabel is a sophomore at North Carolina State University, majoring in Biology with a concentration in integrated physiology and neurobiology and aspiring to become an international pediatrician. She is actively involved in NC State’s African Student Union and a dancer on the African Dance team. The young immigrant, from Liberia, lives by the motto that “a man’s best servant is himself.”


Iyanu is a freshman at Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, majoring in Engineering. The young immigrant of Nigerian descent, who is enthusiastic about being the master of his fate and captain of his soul, aspires to become an engineer and use his skills and influence to change lives. The musician and artist is also a co-founder of a photography business.



Destiny Mangus-Velez is a freshman at University of Virginia majoring in Architecture. She attended a STEM high school, supplemented her art education outside of her school, and actively engaged in community service as a girls’ softball coach in Harrisburg and missions’ trip participant in Colombia. The determined student is also a tennis and softball athlete who values service, selflessness, and female empowerment.


Om is a freshman at Penn State University’s Schreyer Honors College, majoring in Accounting with a minor in Information System. The nationally ranked racquetball champion (2nd Place USA Racquetball National Medalist in 16U, 2017) hails from India and is an entrepreneur who has invented the WaterTracker, a product initially designed to monitor fluid consumption of a peer undergoing kidney transplant. (https://contactwatertracke.wixsite.com/watertracker).


Titi, a senior at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, majors in French and Francophone Studies with a Health Studies Certificate. Passionate about social justice, she organized a forum to discuss immigration at her college. She aspires to empower individuals, internationally, as an entrepreneur and health policy maker. The young immigrant of Nigerian descendant has studied abroad in Israel, Morocco and France.


Octave is a Junior at the University of the District Columbia (UDC). He aspires to become a Biomedical Engineer. A participant in the Alpha Leadership Fraternity at UDC, Octave volunteers with various organizations, including the Young Women’s Project as a health educator and Food & Friends, providing access to nutritious food for community members with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses.


Leul Bulcha is going to be a Sophomore at Wittenberg University majoring in Engineering. He aspires to be a Chief Executive Officer of a construction company, after completing his MBA and acquiring the training and experience needed to fulfill the role of an entrepreneur. Leul’s science teacher describes him as “a laudable student” with an “uncommon scientific mind.” He serves his community as a volunteer and tutor.