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Admission Information

Skip the ticket search.  Enjoy our paperless sale-to-seat process.  Purchase online. Receive an email confirmation.  Our team will meet you at the registration table and assist you with seating. 

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Dinner Details

Dine in style. Dine with class. Delight in an exquisite multi-course meal and experience entertainment tailored for your pleasure, education, and cultural exposure.  Our photographers will capture your smiles. 

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Complementary parking awaits you. The event is about 30 minutes from the Wilmington train station, 35 miles from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), and 13 miles from Wilmington Airport (ILG).

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Dress Code

Dress to impress. Our attendees include esteemed honorees, diplomats, dignitaries, and photographers to capture our elegant event.   The recommended dress code is African or semi-formal attire.