At Liberian Awards, Inc. we plead the cause of those in need by providing financial scholarships and extending mentorships to aliens and children of aliens attending US colleges. Our past scholarships have ranged from $500 to $2000 each academic year. Don’t leave money on the table. Apply now and you could be a Liberian Awards scholarship recipients.


Karen will be a Sophomore at Eastern Nazarene College in Massachusetts. She aspires to become a doctor, journalist, or lawyer. Karen is known for her strong work ethic and optimism amidst many difficulties. From learning English to balancing the challenges that come with being a hispanic immigrant, she is committed to not conforming to the dictates of her circumstances.


Octave is a Junior at the University of the District Columbia (UDC). He aspires to become a Biomedical Engineer. A participant in the Alpha Leadership Fraternity at UDC, Octave volunteers with various organizations, including the Young Women’s Project as a health educator and Food & Friends, providing access to nutritious food for community members with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other illnesses.


Rediat is going to be a Sophomore at Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio. She dreams of becoming a pharmacist and playing a significant role in the medical care of others. Rediat has taken Advanced Placement (AP) courses in Physics, Calculus, and English. She volunteers, extensively, giving back to her community by encouraging education and building self-esteem as a tutor and mentor.

Tatiana Hyman

Tatiana graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a major in Criminology and a minor in African American Studies. She dreams of becoming a Criminal Attorney to advocate for the rights of minorities and immigrant within the justice system. At Penn, Tatiana was actively engaged in extracurricular activities, holding leadership roles in the gospel choir and the pre-law fraternity and volunteering with children off campus.


Leul Bulcha is going to be a Sophomore at Wittenberg University majoring in Engineering. He aspires to be a Chief Executive Officer of a construction company, after completing his MBA and acquiring the training and experience needed to fulfill the role of an entrepreneur. Leul’s science teacher describes him as “a laudable student” with an “uncommon scientific mind.” He serves his community as a volunteer and tutor.

Zsari Delaney

Zsari will be majoring in Television and Radio Production at Ithaca College beginning this fall. She dreams of starting an art and performing arts foundation that provides a great structure and a home for at-risk youths in the community. Zsari has groomed her leadership traits as the Co-President of the Black Student Alliance, the Co-President of A Cappella Club, Student Ambassador, and Peer Leader at St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Potomac, MD. Zsari volunteered at the Labor and Delivery Unit of Holy Cross Hospital, in Silver Spring, MD for three years and the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington in Rockville, MD serving and entertaining Dementia patients.

Syeda Islam

Born in Bangladesh, girls like Syeda Islam do not have a chance to become educated. Syeda arrived in the US in July 2013 and has seized the opportunity to show girls in her country that girls can be educated and girls can have a career. Syeda dreams of becoming a biomedical engineer and she’s well on her way. Syeda took four advanced placement classes at West Philadelphia High School and a college level calculus 2 at the University of Pennsylvania. She also graduated first in her high school class and will be attending Temple as a freshman this fall. In addition to her rigorous academic schedule, Syeda volunteers to improve conditions in her community. She was the President of the volunteer organization, Build On, at her high school. She is an elementary school tutor. She collects shoes, clothes and food for the homeless, cooks food for nursing homes, and increases awareness about AIDs, racism, and other community issues.

Erlene Olson

Erlene, a pre-med major at Hofstra University, dreams of becoming a surgeon and changing the world one patient at time while improving Liberia’s healthcare system. Erlene participated in the National Youth Leadership forum for aspiring medical professionals and also served as of the Youth Ministry’s Vice President of the Junior Missionaries Organization. Erlene participated in the National Youth Leadership forum for aspiring medical professionals and also served as of the Youth Ministry’s Vice President of the Junior Missionaries Organization. Erlene is a rising senior at Hofstra University.

George Toby

George graduated from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Electrical Engineering and the honors of Magna Cum Laude. He hopes to return home and bring light to Liberia by assisting with its electrical needs. After acquiring some work experience, he seeks to study avionics and follow his dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer. He is considering starting a PhD program in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Spring 2016. George was a two time scholarship recipient.

Ruth Sims

Ruth graduated from the University of Maryland, where she studied Accounting and Spanish. Ruth also studied abroad in Alicante, Spain. She dreams of serving Liberia by becoming a Certified Public Accountant. She currently works as an Accountant Clerk at Reading is Fundamental, the largest literacy nonprofit organization in the U.S. She volunteers for Liberian Awards and America Reads America Counts, leading teams and mentoring students at annual events and serving the homeless. She hopes to begin preparing for her Certified Public Accountant Exams in 2016.

Hectorlyne Wuor Jarmon – Moses C. Jabbeh Scholarship

Hectorlyne completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland with a double major in Theatre and Accounting. Her ambition is to produce art in the form of television, theatre, or film. “The arts,” she says, “has the ability to touch the soul…and that is the gift I want to give young Liberians.” Hectorlyne now works as a Film Producer in California, where she is a part of creating stories that connect the entire human experience. She has co-produced three featured films and a television pilot. She also works as a Finance Coordinator at NBC Universal.

Pearl Tenny – Sundial Creations Scholarship

Pearl graduated from Catholic University with a Nursing degree. Her ambition is to become a Certified Nurse Practitioner. “It has become my dream and desire,” says Pearl, “to return to Liberia and assist to improve, promote and maintain a sustainable health care and delivery system throughout the urban and rural communities in Liberia.” She’s currently preparing for NCLEX Boards Exam. Pearl also serves as an editor for the engagement segment of a wedding blog called Aisle Perfect and volunteers at the Montgomery Hospice in Maryland.

Willie Borkai – Build My Hut Scholarship

Willie graduated from Roger Williams University with an undergraduate degree in Psychology. His ambition is to attain a doctorate in Psychology. Understanding the stigma of mental illness in Liberia, Willie seeks to decrease the disparity of treatment and to “help people that society sometimes sees as second class citizens.” He will serve as a Co-President of Multicultural Student Union and continue his role as a Dormitory Resident Advisor this Fall. Willie will begin pursuing a Masters in Public Health in Urban Health at Northeastern University in fall 2015, while serving as a Mental Health Worker at Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital. Willie was a two time scholarship recipient.

Jennifer Wilkins

Jennifer completed her studies in International Studies/Political Science from University of St Thomas. She dreams of fighting injustices globally and participating in policy changes in Liberia as a Lawyer. “I know the pains and tears that it takes to get into the USA,” say Jennifer, “and after getting the opportunity to come to the USA, I started to dream again– and dreamed big. Winning first place at the Liberian Awards was one of the best things that ever happened to me; it made me feel proud that my people could recognize my efforts”. Since being recognized by Liberian Awards, Jennifer has traveled to Turkey. She’s currently in her third year of law school at William Mitchell in Minnesota.

Mahmud Johnson – Williette R. Berrian Award

Mahmud is a student at Dartmouth College. This future Presidential hopeful, believes “that life’s greatest reward comes from working to improve other people’s lives.” “Ever since I was elected president of my first grade class,” says Mahmud, “I knew that I wanted to be a public servant. I want to go down in history as the better public servant who thrived on the foundation laid by the present generation.” Since winning Liberian Awards scholarship, Mahmud has also won Dartmouth’s Albert Dickerson Freshman Essay Prize and accepted to study abroad at Oxford University. Mahmud has returned to Liberia and begun a business. Mahmud was a two time scholarship recipient.

Naweh Diggs – Jartu K. Jallah Scholarship

Naweh, a graduate of Towson University, majored in Sociology and Anthropology with a minor in Psychology. Her dream is to run a nonprofit organization serving orphaned and disadvantaged youths in Liberia. “I believe,” says Naweh, “that as a member of this society I have not a choice but a responsibility to help other people. I honestly find it unacceptable for someone to feel alone and helpless when there are so many others in the world capable of helping”. Since winning Liberian Awards scholarship, Naweh has received a Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. She’s using her education to make a difference and pursuing her true passion—music. She has written, produced, and recorded original songs. Naweh continues to perform her music around the U.S. including events hosted by the World Bank and Liberian Awards.




Erika Anderson

Erika Anderson graduated from University of Pennsylvania with an African studies major and a Sociology minor. Erika is currently completing Stockton University Health Professions post baccalaureate program. Her dream is to become an International Pediatrician. Erika has faithfully volunteered with Liberian Awards since 2013.

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie completed Richard Stockton College of New Jersey with a major in biology and a minor in gerontology. She has been accepted into Rowan University’s Masters in Biomedical Science Program. Jackie hopes to use the added degree to improve her competitiveness for medical school admission. Her ultimate goal is to become ophthalmologist.

Feekpah Kerkula

Feekpah Kerkula graduated from Pennsylvania State University, where she majored in biobehavioral health and minored in human development. She’s currently employed as a medical coordinator and will be pursuing a Master’s in Global Health Northwestern University in September. Feekpah’s goal is to become a doctor.