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Welcome to Liberian Awards

Welcome to Liberian Awards

Leading and Inspiring Success
Recognizing Excellence

Recognizing Excellence

Leading and Inspiring Success
Invest in their Future. Build a Legacy.

Invest in their Future. Build a Legacy.

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Elite Entertainment

Elite Entertainment

Leading and Inspiring Success

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Event Date & Time

August 2020
@07.00 pm

Event Location

University of Delaware
Clayton Hall, Newark, DE

Guest Speaker Highlight


Mr. Alexander B. Cummings is Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of The Coca-Cola Company. The CAO structure consolidates key global Corporate functions in a purposeful approach to effectively support the business operations of The Coca-Cola Company. Key global Corporate functions include Legal, Human Resources, Global Community Connections, Strategic Planning, Information Technology, Research & Innovation, Science, Global Quality and Product Integrity, Transformational Productivity and Strategic Security.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

Our keynote speakers are community and Fortune 500 leaders who motivate and inspire our attendees to live their dreams and make a difference.  They challenge us to boldly build what we envision, to beautifully rise above the obstacles of our circumstances, and to boldly explore and fulfill the opportunities that surround us.



2018 is a historic year for Liberian Awards. It is the first year we recognize a class of all-female honorees. Yet our honorees were not chosen because they are women but because of their professional accomplishments in Art, Law, and Science are praiseworthy and their collective magnanimity in mentoring Liberian children soldiers, law students, and medical students is laudable. They live the immigrant story powerfully and represent Liberia proudly. Liberian Awards is honored to share and celebrate the inspirational stories of these incredible women.


People sometimes ask me why I started Liberian Awards. The shortest answer I can give is to fill a void in our community. I believe that majority of our community lacks awareness of the successes of Liberians in the Diaspora partly because of the size of the Diaspora in comparison to home. I also believe that our youths are beginning to question why our words and actions differ. Too often, we’ve not lived our expectations of them. Read More …



Few things are more liberating than an education. Many immigrants and minority college students desperately strive to become liberated from the bleak future of economic poverty. But many of us close our eyes to those students striving and fixate on those who may have given up. Liberian Awards has opened its eyes to the plight of those who aggressively seek liberation through education, those who are often blinded by the harsh realities of lives, and those who would not be able to see their dreams come true without help. Knowing the needs of these high-achieving young immigrants and minorities cannot just be seen, Liberian Awards’ donors have opened their hearts and hands and sponsored scholarships and donated to the organization’s work. But we also need your help. Will you open your hearts and hands to give our students support before they have to give up on an education? Will you invest in liberating them from a bleak future by donating?




Admission Information

Skip the ticket search.  Enjoy our paperless sale-to-seat process.  Purchase online. Receive an email confirmation.  Our team will meet you at the registration table and assist you with seating. 

Dinner Details

Dine in style. Dine with class. Delight in an exquisite multi-course meal and experience entertainment tailored for your pleasure, education, and cultural exposure.  Our photographers will capture your smiles. 


Complementary parking awaits you. The event is about 30 minutes from the Wilmington train station, 35 miles from Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), and 13 miles from Wilmington Airport (ILG).

Dress Code

Dress to impress. Our attendees include esteemed honorees, diplomats, dignitaries, and photographers to capture our elegant event.   The recommended dress code is African or semi-formal attire. 


FROM SALE TO SEAT: Our pre-purchased tickets process is paperless. Purchase tickets here now. Receive an email confirmation. At the event, come up to our pre-purchased ticket registration table. Give your name. Be escorted to your assigned table. There is no tickets sales at the event. 



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Sponsors Or Partners


Liberian Awards has provided scholarships and mentoring to students from Liberia, Jamaica, United States, and Bangladesh. Our students have studied abroad in Turkey, Spain and South Africa, and attended colleges in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Minnesota, New Hamshire, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

Read More ...


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    Clayton Hall, University of DE
    100 David Hollowell Dr,
    Newark, DE 19716


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